Crochet Beautiful Triangle Box Stitch Shawl

What a gorgeous looking stitch pattern for a beautiful prayer shawl or maybe for a stunning baby blanket! The free pattern comes with a diagram and step by step instructions how to complete this project and only then you’ll see how easy it is. For more details please visit : mypicot

Free Crochet Flower Applique Pattern

It all demands you to go with perfect rounds and loops and a little bit of coiling to craft eye-captivating yarn flowers with your hook! If you are intending to get all the tips and tricks of crocheting a flower, then you are at a right place to get satisfied! Here is how to crochet

How to make a 3D Crochet Puffy Heart

These little hearts were the most enjoyable crochet project I’ve done so far. The sweet 3D hearts are very simple and therefore perfect for beginners. They can be individual gifts, accessories or decorations for gift bags. For more details please visit : 3D Crochet Puffy Heart

Free Crochet Conversation Heart Garland Pattern

This is here free crochet conversation heart garland that is something extra beautiful to add to a bedroom! Just crochet some miniature yarn hearts and let them come with custom letters that would make a love quote! Next add them to a piece of string and enjoy a lovely crochet garland pattern! For more details

How To Crochet The Waffle Stitch

The waffle stitch is a simple crochet stitch consisting of double crochets and front post double crochets. It has beautiful texture and design, looking so intricate – like you spent many more hours on the project than you really did! For more details please visit : How To Crochet The Waffle Stitch

Crochet Pumpkins That Look Knit

As a knitter, I found this pumpkin pattern very intriguing because they are crocheted yet look like they have been knitted – I didn’t know you could do that! For more details please visit : mallooknits

How To Crochet Simple Baby Booties

Basic but incredibly fashionable and appealing, these baby booties will protect your child’s fragile legs while keeping them warm and comfortable at the same time. This tutorial will thoroughly guide you through every step of knitting them – you simply cannot go wrong with this one. For more details please visit : How To Crochet Simple

Triple Puff – Granny Square

The inspiration for the one Triple Puff come from the internet what you can see below, many ordinary squares, look. This pattern has been made up finally as a new one and unique. It adds great texture to crocheted fabric. It is a beautiful stitch that works really well for flowers, hats, and blankets. For

Crochet Fish Hat Pattern

With this pattern you can make a crocheted fish hat to delight Pokémon fans and collectors, geeks, kids, and fun-loving friends. Based on the popular Fish Hat pattern, row by row instructions are included so that you, too, can be Fashionably Geekish. For more details please visit : etsy

Crochet Baby Strap Flip Flop Sandals

These adorable booties are perfect for summer! Even though they are cute and pink, these would also work for a baby boy with a little color change. They are one of the great gift choices for baby shower. They are easy to work up. For more details please visit : whistleandivy